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Chris Kent MSc


  • Genre: Non-Fiction / Small Business Marketing
  • Target Audience: Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
  • Reader Benefits: To build a solid understanding of how modern marketing really works in the 21st century and learn how to apply it to increase sales, attract the right customers, and generate word of mouth for their business
  • Motivation: To teach entrepreneurs and small business owners the art and science of modern marketing and increase small business start-up success rates
  • Personal Profile: 30+ years experience | MSc in Digital Marketing | Currently a PhD Student researching Micro-Business Marketing | Chartered Manager | Chartered Marketer
  • Publisher / Agent: 21st Century Marketing Limited
  • One Off / Series: Series of 4 Books

21st Century Marketing: What it is, why it matters and how to do it

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Release Date: 31st August 2017

“21st Century Marketing: What it is, why it matters and how to do it” is a comprehensive full colour guide to the 21st Century Marketing System. It takes you through the entire process step-by-step and show you precisely how to create your own 21st Century Marketing Blueprint specifically tailored to your exact business needs.

It’s been over two years in development and is based on solving a real problem experienced by real entrepreneurs and small business owners on a daily basis. During my research a common complaint was best articulated by one business owner in Jersey who said:

“It’s a real jungle out there and it’s all so complex – what with digital marketing, social media and everything else. Plus there are so many self-proclaimed experts talking about so many different things it’s impossible to know who to trust and where to start. Marketing generally is just so confusing these days it’s a real nightmare for people like me.”

The 21st Century Marketing System offers a simple solution to a complex problem. This book is your map of the modern marketing jungle, drawn by an expert who’s fought their way through the highs and lows of the modern marketing landscape and cut a path for you to follow. A well experience and highly qualified professional you can trust – and someone who actually ‘walks their talk’.

This is the first book in the 21st Century Marketing series, its purpose is to give you a solid foundation in modern marketing – and a fighting chance! It covers a number of key business and marketing concepts and you’ll come away with a good understanding of the modern marketing landscape.

You’ll also discover exactly what you need to do to increase your sales, attract your ideal customers, and generate that all important words-of-mouth to get ahead of the game and put your business firmly on the map!

But what happens next?

As entrepreneurs there are three areas of modern marketing we need to master if we’re really going to cut through the noise, drive customers to our business and generate that all important word of mouth. If you really want to succeed in the 21st century your marketing skill set must include the ability to write, connect and share – and that’s the subjects of the next three books in the 21st Century Marketing series.

How To Write Words That

Engage, Inspire & Sell

How To Build A Brand

That Rocks

How to Create Killer


Each book takes the concepts introduced earlier to a whole new level and is designed to help you master the art and science of modern marketing quickly, easily and at a pace you feel comfortable with. Click on the tabs below to find out more about each book and what’s currently in the pipeline.

How To Write Words That Engage, Inspire And Sell

As entrepreneurs and business owners we need to communicate what we have to offer – our value proposition – to our target audience so they sit up, take notice and listen to what we have to say. We want them to engage with us and we need to inspire them to ultimately buy our product or service. The words we use are the biggest tool in our marketing arsenal and the ability to craft engaging, irresistible, compelling offers quickly and easily is a critical business skill – yet one few small business owners possess!

In the trade we refer to this skill as “copywriting”. The person who possesses the skill to mesmerise their target audience through just the power of words is called a “copywriter”.  Legendary copywriter Ted Nicholas (way before the internet) referred to “copywriting” as “salesmanship in print”. In the 21st century I think we need to add two more words because these days copywriting is “salesmanship in print and online”.

Like it or not, written words play a critical role in every sales process. Especially if you want to attract new customers online via your website, email, or social media. The art of writing great ‘copy’ is something I introduce in section 2 of “21st Century Marketing: What it is, why it matters and how to do it”. If you really want to succeed in business you must master the skill of crafting adverts, press releases, emails, blog posts, web pages, sales letters, flyers, and even video voice-over scripts that passionately connect with your target audience and grab (and keep) their attention.

“How To Write Words That Engage, Inspire And Sell” will help you take your copywriting skills to the next level. In it I teach you how to write words that don’t just talk – but sing – to your target audience as you inspire them to whip out their credit card and lead them in an effortless dance to your checkout. Developing your copywriting skills is the focus of the second book in the 21st Century Marketing series and is due out next year.

How To Build A Brand That Rocks

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners make the fatal mistake of trying to attract anybody and everybody to their business because they don’t understand who their ideal customers are, what they look like or how to talk them.

It is far better to spend our marketing budget attracting the right sort of customer to our business rather than attract anybody with a credit card because ultimately we serve them better. When we delight them, they then spread the word (aka word of mouth) and act as our unpaid sales team and everybody wins 🙂

Your brand is your customer’s’ perception of who and what you are and communicates a number of things to your target audience. Building a brand that talks to your ideal customers heart, not their head, is the key to our long term success and that’s what building a brand from strategic perspective is all about – not designing natty logos and dreaming up silly slogans once you’re ready to launch your first product.

Ultimately people buy from people and decisions are often based on emotion and justified with fact – that’s just the way it works! Almost every area of modern life is affected by the internet and the vast majority of us will be operating in a crowded marketplace with plenty of competitors. One thing that differentiates us and makes us stand out from the crowd is our brand as it communicated what we stand for. If people like what they see and hear they will engage with us and start that all important relationship that we need to build our business.

Branding, on the other hand, is the process of communicating what we do and what we stand for clearly to our target audience so they perceive us in the way we want them to. The third book in the 21st Century Marketing series “How To Build A Brand That Rocks” shows you exactly how to do that and is due out next year.

How to Create Killer Content

Modern marketing is no longer all about ‘Yell and Sell’. It relies more heavily on what content we produce and deliver to build our brand and communicate our message to our target audience. Building relationships with our target audience is absolutely critical in the 21st century and “Engagement Marketing” plays a key role in establishing, building and maintaining those valuable relationships which ultimately lead to a sale.

In our 24/7 socially connected world where just about everybody has an electronic device connected to the internet within an arm’s length every minute of every day the rules have changed. Today’s consumers engage with brands far more than they ever used to and modern marketing success boils down to this: It’s all about your content – and how valuable and engaging your content is to those who consume it.

Creating engaging content is the subject of the fourth book in the 21st Century Marketing series “How to Create Killer Content: The Beating Heart of Engagement Marketing “ and it takes the concept of the Value Proposition Communicator discussed earlier in the series to a whole new level. It’s not due out for a while but I will be releasing some of the content of this book to my ‘Inner Circle’ as we go along. So if you’re an ‘Inner Circle’ member then keep an eye on your email or keep up to date with the latest news in the Inner Circle Members area of the 21st Century Marketing Academy.

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